5 foods which impair sleep

Insomnia is a disorder mainly characterized by lack of sleep. Sleep is vital in our day to day body development. Sleep provides ample time for the rejuvenation of tissues in our body. it is the time that the body gets ample time to get rid of the body wastes. It also helps in the brain development. Insomnia leads to poor coordination both at cognitive level and the nervous level. There are different causes of insomnia; stress and depression have been attributed as the main cause. The truth is, food that we eat might cause insomnia.

Different foods that we eat can be able to impair sleep directly or indirectly. The foods are known to generate stress directly or indirectly when they are being digested and absorbed in the body. This article highlights at least five of the foods which impair sleep and explains how these foods might cause insomnia


Caffeine is known to be a stimulant. It generally activates the brain, creating alertness and increase the activity of the nervous system. Different foods such as coffee, tea, energy drinks and chocolate contain caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the body by releasing adrenaline. It also creates stress on the body since the adrenal glands are forced to break down this component creating stress. If you want not to develop insomnia, make sure you do not drink tea or coffee four hours before your regular sleeping time.


Drinks containing alcohol have been assumed to reduce stress. Most people take alcohol because they believe it will help them forget their worries which in turn will reduce their stress. Little do they know, alcohol creates stress on the adrenal glands as it is being broken down and absorbed to the blood.  In fact the liver is always under stress once alcohol is introduced to the body. This stress in the body creates insomnia.

Foods rich in fat

Fat is essential in the body, it provides insulation of heat which is important when sleeping. It also provides the necessary energy required to run our day to day activities. Fatty food rich in high density cholesterol is dangerous for the body.  Foods rich in high density cholesterol lead to blockage of the arteries that supply blood in the entire body. This blockage creates stress especially to the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system. The heart has to pump blood at high pressure to ensure it reaches the other parts of the body. This stress may lead to insomnia.


Red meat and food rich in proteins

Red meat is full of proteins that are essential for the well development of the body. Consuming more protein than you need increases the need of vitamin B6 to change tryptophan into serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates ability to fall asleep, and influences cognitive abilities. Red meat also increases two compounds i.e. dopamine and norepinephrine in the bloodstream. These are compounds that increase stress in the body, increase anxiety which in turn creates insomnia. Beans which are also rich in plant proteins lead to accumulation of acid in the body which in turn lead to the generation of heart burn. Heart burn creates discomfort when sleeping and can easily lead to insomnia.

Spicy foods

Avoid adding a lot of spices in your food. In fact if possible don’t try to use spices that you are not familiar with. Artificial spices can create stress in the body when they are being broken down. They tend to overwork the liver which can easily lead to insomnia. Apart from that adding too many spices in your body can easily lead to irritation of the stomach. In fact if the stomach is not used to too much spices it can lead to indigestion and sometimes constipation if not diarrhea. This will increase the interruptions in your sleep and can easily lead to insomnia.

The best thing you can do is to avoid foods which impair sleep and in turn may lead to insomnia. This way you will be able to sleep better. Insomnia is the root cause of other complications that can easily develop in your body. Complications such as high blood pressure can be triggered by foods which might cause insomnia.